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Quality of Life

QoL or Quality of Life refers to minor changes that make games easier or more enjoyable to play. QoL changes are generally not about the major game issues, but focus on smaller improvements to the interface, UI, display, and systems such as crafting, upgrading, salvaging, etc.

QoL changes are often requested by players and regularly implemented by developers, though of course there are always things fans want that the developers will not or can not enable.

Quality of Life in Reaper of Souls[edit]

A major compilation of top QoL requests from January 2015 included the following.[1] Notes below indicate the status of those QoLs three months later, upon the release of Patch 2.2.

Gambling and Crafting:

  • Higher Blood Shard cap. (1000, 2000, 5000, etc.) (Cap increased per Greater Rift cleared.)
  • Ability to gamble gear for other classes. (Saves time switching characters just to gamble for your alt.) (Not yet implemented, though devs have commented favorably on the change.)
  • Ability to gamble for specific types of 1H and 2H weapons. (Devs say no.)
  • Faster/instant gem upgrading, instead of time-wasting progress bar for each gem. (Implemented in Patch 2.2.)
  • Drop more white and blue materials (or add a way to convert the over-abundant yellow mats to white/yellow). (No.)
  • Higher cost Enchant options to show 3 or more options at once. (No.)


  • Fully customizable mouse button/hotkey binding, or remove skill from left click (force move instead). (No.)
  • Pointer customizable for better visibility. (Larger, neon color, flashing, etc.) (No.)
  • Customizable on/off auto-pickup for gems, mats, and potions. (Pickup partially automated in patch 2.2.)
  • Button to instantly pickup all items within 20yards. (Easy chest/Goblin/Guardian clean up.) (Pickup partially automated in Patch 2.2.)
  • Regular potions turn into Blood Shards when picked up with a legendary potion equipped (great suggestion). (Regular potions removed in Patch 2.2.)

Rifts and Grifts:

  • Remove/fix Realm or Trials. Enable multiple Grift keys per Trial, at least. (No, but devs constantly talk about improving Waves.)
  • Confirm yes/no to avoid closing Rift on an accidental Orek click, and add a “Cancel Rift/Grift” option to close and reset the portal without forcing 15m wait or new game. (No.)


  • Higher stack size for Rift keys and allow Gifts to stack. (Grift stacking enabled in Patch 2.2.)
  • New Gift of Ramaladni consumable for Jewelry. (No.)
  • New Gift of Ramaladni type consumable to “Ancient-ize” existing legendary items. (No.)


  • More stash space and/or character slots. (No.)
  • Higher levels of Torment above T6. (No.)
  • Punching bag in town to test new build/gear/skills/etc. (No.)
  • Profile tracks a character’s highest kill streak, massacre bonus, destruction bonus, etc. (No.)
  • Enable character movement while big overlay map is open. (No.)

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