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Mayor Holus is an NPC who first appears in Act I. He has a very distinct personality among other speaking characters in that he is a trouser-soiling coward.

New Tristram[edit | edit source]

The Mayor of New Tristram.

Holus begins the game as the mayor of New Tristram. His cart is broken down and blocks the player's path to the Weeping Hollow. His lines to each class are the same every time, but each character will react differently to Holus. In general, there's an air of disgust from the hero when speaking with him, but the Barbarian in particular is brutal in judgement and assessment of Holus' cowardice.

Act I Conversations:

Move the cart.

Monk: Clear the way. I wish to pass.
Witch Doctor: Please move your cart I wish to pass.
Holus: How dare you speak to me like that! I am the mayor of this town!
Monk: Please move your cart.
Witch Doctor: Why are you trying to leave?
Holus: Are you mad? This town is doomed! Anyone with a grain of sense should be trying to get out! Will you help me or not?
Monk: No. You are beyond saving, coward.
Witch Doctor: I will not. This town needs us both. Consider this carefully.

The Broken Cart.

Holus: So this is how it ends? They dragged my cart from the road, but for what? I can't get it repaired. Might as well dig a hole and die in it.
Demon Hunter: If you've given up, then you're already dead.

Bastion's Keep[edit | edit source]

The Former Mayor of New Tristram.

The Mayor later appears in Bastion's Keep Stronghold, once again bemoaning his fate. He apparently got his cart into working order, because he has become a merchant once again.

Act III and Act IV conversations:

Cruel Fortune.

Witch Doctor: You are that frightened mayor from New Tristram. What are you doing here?
Holus: Cruel fortune has left me as a lowly merchant once again! And now I'm minutes away from slaughter by the demonic hordes! Please escort me out of here! I will pay anything!
Witch Doctor: There is nothing you can pay me that will excuse abandoning these people! How many lessons must you hear before you listen?

Time to Run.

Holus: Now's the time to run, isn't it? While there's a lull in the fighting?
Demon Hunter: If you want to be trampled by the next wave of demon reinforcements, perhaps.
Wizard: Who would know better when to flee than a coward like yourself?

The Larder.

Holus: There's a terrible stench coming up from below. Oh no! What if the demons have infested the larder?
Witch Doctor: This? This is what alarms you? That demons might be eating your chickens?


Holus: I am told you are going out to the battlefield on your own. Is that wise?
Monk: Perhaps you'd like to join me?
Holus: I am not a coward. I just want to live!
Monk: Is that what you call it?


Holus: You see? They can kill any of us at any time! I won't wait a second longer. I am leaving now!
Barbarian: Go, then. If this keep falls, the demons will follow the stench of your soiled trousers to whatever hole you are hiding in.

A Decision.

Holus: If ever there was a time to run, this would be it. But where would I run to? Maybe it is better to stay and fight for your life when the time comes.
Demon Hunter: Have I finally gotten through to you, then? I suppose we'll see.


Wizard: Holus, you surprise me. You didn't run!
Holus: I told you I wouldn't. I am not brave like you, but I am no liar.

There is one remaining coversation which takes place in early Act IV, but Holus takes no part in it.


Guard: That fat merchant never ran, not even when he had a chance. I wonder why.

Media[edit | edit source]

A video of a Barbarian with Holus throughout the entire span of the game:

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