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Diii.net, formerly known as Diabloii.net, has a long tradition of making competitions of different shapes and forms. This is a summary of active and finished competitions. The dates are sorted after when the competition started.

September 2008[edit | edit source]

Create a Diablo III Skill Tree[edit | edit source]

This contest required fans to create a skill tree, for a known D3 character or by inviting a new character entirely. The two winners took different approaches; one populated a Summoning skill tree for the Witch Doctor, while the other invented a new character called the Flagellant, and mapped out a number of skills for him to use.

See the Skill Tree Contest Page for the full rules, the winning entries, and more.

LOL Diablo Contest[edit | edit source]

As a prize, you can get a ticket to BlizzCon for adding the best LoL-Diablo quote.
Inspired by lolcats, Diii.net started a competition to add "loldiablo" comments on pictures. Diablo fans were asked to take any Diablo picture, add a caption and then upload it to the contest gallery.

Status: Closed
Term: 4th - 14th September
Prize: 6 WWI 2008 Cards, 1 BlizzCon Ticket
Winners: Click the name for the winning entry.

  1. lyquid
  2. Jodaus
  3. kirborg
  4. Van Cleef
  5. Kunzaito
  6. Cowguin
  7. BigVF

Second Chance Readers' Vote Fan Art Contest[edit | edit source]

The book Swords by Ben Boos was one prize.
As a follow-up to the 'Fan Art and 11-Word Story Contest' that Diii.net ran in August, Ben Boos felt awful for having to turn down great art, so he dug into his personal supply and found two more advance copies of his book 'Swords' for the Diii.net fan artists to win. This time, the fans of Diablo will have to pick which 2 out of the 10 honourable mentions listed will win!

As an update to this contest, Ben Boos had a 3rd book as Flux said here on the second page of the Swords Fan Art Contest: Second Chance Vote, post.

Status: Closed
Term: 4th - 9th September
Prize: 3 Swords books by Ben Boos
Winners: 1st - johntorrio, 2nd - DefiledVisions, 3rd - akanekun

August 2008[edit | edit source]

Caption This Contest[edit | edit source]

One prize was the famous WWI 2008 goodie card with beta key for the WoW expansion and a Tyrael WoW-pet.
At the end of August, Diii.net launched a competition to make captions for Diablo III screenshots and win the famous WWI 2008 Tyrael WoW-pets. The four screenshots had individual articles for comments as well as winner listing and can be found here:

Status: Closed
Term: 20th - 24th August 2008
Prize: WWI Cards
Winners: Uldyssian, arodriq, Starving_Poet, Timesink

Fan Art and 11-Word Story Contest[edit | edit source]

The book Swords by Ben Boos was one prize.
A contest in two parts where fans are encouraged to submit fan art related to swords as well as making an "11-Word Short Story Contest" involving making a story exactly 11 words long. The contest page can be found here:

Status: Closed
Term: 15th - 31st August 2008
Prize: 2 Swords books by Ben Boos and 3 WWI Cards
Winners: 1st: softshack, 2nd: Nasuradin, Random: HolyKnight3000