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D3Analyzer is a tool which allows to analyze your Diablo III heroes through their attributes, their skills and their items.

The attributes analysis is built around Attack, Defense, Resources and Adventure topics. You'll be able to compare yourself with other heroes, filtered on your own criterions, in view to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Then simulate changes to optimize your improvements choices, on DPS or EHP.

The skills analysis allows to know their usage rates, to identify the most popular builds or to search for original ones. Adding filtering criterions, you'll find precise heroes profiles, displayed in a dynamic top 10, on the attribute of your choice.

Finally, the items analysis gives ways to compare your gear with those of other players. What are the most used items ? With which properties ? And which values ? By which types of heroes ? Figures often reveal useful information... You'll also be able to search items in the game's armory, from their properties.