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Website [e]
Diablonut logo.jpg
Type of site: Database
Language: English
Registration: Free & optional
Owner: IncGamers
Created by: Elly & Rushster
Launched: 2011
Internet rank: ~11k
Current status: Active

DiabloNut.Com is a Diablo 3 Database which presents data taken directly from the Diablo 3 game files.

Every time the game is patched the old data is archived and accessible via each item by clicking the previous patch numbers.

Comments, videos and screenshots can be added to all entries by visitors.

Hero Builder[edit | edit source]

The Hero Builder allows people to create builds, selecting items, gems, skills and runes. As the build is created an attribute list is also produced to show the resulting stats such as Damage, resistances, block, elemental reduction, gold/magic find and more.

Builds can be created at any character level, named and renamed and saved to a user profile (registered members only).

Builds can be recommended by visitors by clicking a 'Recommend' button on the build. They can also be commented on by others.

An Inventory feature available to registered members enables them to save items to their stash as they are surfing around the site. They can access these items to add to builds at a later date.

Diablo 3 Hero Planner