Bastion's Keep (Act III)

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This page provides information on Bastion's Keep (Act III)[e] conversation.


Conversation[edit | edit source]

Haedrig: "From the burning desert to the freezing north. You don't make it easy on us, do you?"

Player: "Not me—the Lords of Hell. I must follow them."

Haedrig: "At least there's a lot of work to be done here. These men fight with blunted swords and dented armor. It's good to help."

The player portion of the conversation can differ depending on the class and gender.

When[edit | edit source]

As soon as you get to Act III first accept The Siege of Bastion's Keep quest from Tyrael, then take a Town Portal to Bastion's Keep Stronghold and speak with the Blacksmith who will have "Bastion's Keep" and "The Future" conversation which is also required for the Hassling Haedrig achievement.

If you are going back to collect the conversations, from the quest menu select The Siege of Bastion's Keep > Light the Beacons and you'll begin in the Stronghold. The Blacksmith will have both conversations ready.

Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

Bastion's Keep (Act III) is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Hassling Haedrig</achievement>