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WitchDoctor is a player who had played diablo for a while, although no longer uses this name in any situation. For the class, see Witch Doctor. This page is for some background information on the player.

Diablo Games[edit]

Diablo I[edit]

Diablo I was WitchDoctor's favorite diablo game because of its music and atmosphere. He played in vanilla leveling his level 42 rouge. He no longer played after his last game CD broke.

Diablo II[edit]

WitchDoctor played diablo 2 for several years. He quit back in 2012 and played Diablo 3, leaving his main accounts to expire. He still had single player experimental characters and played on his barbarian Pisa on an alternate account that was still intact when he returned to diablo 2 in October 2013, and had about 5 shared mule accounts still operating. However, he never found a zod rune (although a friend of his did) and does not use the enigma armor. When playing he tried to stray as far away from cookie cutter and normal runs (baal runs, key runs, etc) as possible. He finally discontinued playing Diablo 2 in mid 2014 until much later. Starting in August 2015, he has begun coming back to Diablo 2.

Diablo III[edit]

WitchDoctor (WitchDoctor 1834) played on his Demon Hunter and his Wizard, and had only a single Witch Doctor, below level 60. Overall, he had 2 Wizards, 1 demon hunter, and 4 small characters.

His time was spent on grinding, giving away gear, and helping newer players in game.

In the months of November and December he collected as many spare items as possible and distributes them to players in game who were newer/just coming back after a while. His activity faltered in January, and stopped playing entirely in February 2014. By March, he played no more Diablo III. This was because of severe hard drive issues, his old ring of diablo friends dissolving, and installation errors. When ROS was released, he decided to not buy it, and left the community. He has not returned to the game since then and presently does not have intention to rejoin.


WitchDoctor occasionally checks back on Incgamers, usually for light reading.


WitchDoctor was particularly fond of improving the diablowiki site in 2013. He considered it to be the best diablo wiki out there, and still thinks it only needs a little bit of updating. However, he dropped out mid 2014. He returned early 2015 to make small corrections.

For his contributions, on November 23 2013 he was awarded the title DiabloWiki.Net Ink Slinger by Elly on Diablo Incgamers. In the month of December, due to actively playing another game he spent almost no time on working with diablowiki articles, but still found the time to check and delete spam articles and replace him with his own little witty comments. By March 2014, his activity was nothing.

He now still checks back once in a while on a quest to purge outdated contents.

Known More Personal Information[edit]

Most players typically referred to WitchDoctor as a "he", including himself, so although he never directly states his gender it can be assumed he is male. No other information floating around can be considered as fact about him, and he never directly says information about his life. He had a habit of being on and off, and never was completely dedicated to whatever he is playing since that dang thing called life kept interfering.


All previous projects worked on where discontinued and postponed indefinately. The screenshot archive, containing various screenshots of all diablo games, may be dug up if asked for on the talk page for reference.

Other Games[edit]

WitchDoctor is presently engaged in the Mechwarrior series and BattleTech as a whole. He checks up on his older games sometimes, including Diablo II.


All this information was given by WitchDoctor. It is up to the reader to decide the credibility of it.