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Tomes of Blacksmithing (db) were required to train your Blacksmith From level 6 (Illustrious) up to and including level 8 (Resplendent). They were also required for crafting items that are crafting level 7 (Magnificent) and 8 (Resplendent). They were removed in Patch 2.0.1


They drop as loot in Hell difficulty and can be bought on the Auction House also. They can not be bought from any vendor in the game. Page of Blacksmithing are found in Nightmare difficulty and Tome of Secrets in Inferno.

They stack automatically in your backpack when you loot them up to a maximum of 1000 and take up one square.

You do not need to do anything with them to use them when training your Blacksmith, just as long as they are in your backpack (not your stash) he has access to them to train up.

Blacksmith Training Cost in Pages, Tomes of Blacksmithing/Secrets & Gold
Level[e] Gold to train
to that level
# of Pages
of B'Smith
# of Tomes
of B'Smith
# of Tomes
of Secrets
1. Apprentice 0 0 0 0
2. Journeyman 5k 0 0 0
3. Adept 6k 0 0 0
4. Master 10k 0 0 0
5. Grand Master 12k 2 0 0
6. Illustrious 20k 6 0 0
7. Magnificent 22k 4 2 0
8. Resplendent 30k 0 6 0
9. Glorious 28k 0 4 2
10. Exalted 40k 0 0 9

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Tome of Blacksmithing