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The Traveler's Pledge


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The Traveler's Pledge is an amulet from the Endless Path Item Set.

This amulet provides a nice bonus to Magic Find, life, and life regeneration, but it lacks all any of the popular offensive modifiers (trifecta) or any bonus to a main stat. With a great roll on the two random affixes, it can become fairly useful but it's never top end gear.

Note that there is a set bonus of +50% critical hit damage when both items in this set are equipped, which partially makes up for the lacking damage stats on the items themselves.

The Traveler\'s Pledge
    Set Amulet
    Witch Doctor
    Demon Hunter
    Adventure\'s call cannot be denied.
  • (36-40)% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items

Item Level: 62   Required Level: 60

Unlocked at Level 60.

[edit] Item Set Stats

Endless Path

Partial Set Bonuses:

  • ( 2 ) Set :
    • +100 Vitality
    • Critical Hit Damage Increased by 50%

[edit] Legacy Version

All legendaries, including set items, found before Patch 1.0.4 buffed them, are legacy items. These older legendary items have generally much lower stats than the current versions, and Legacy set items have different names than the current versions, to avoid confusion.

Endless Journey

Legacy Set Bonuses