The Darkening of Tristram


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Announced at BlizzCon 2016. The Darkening of Tristram was released to celebrate the Diablo Franchise's 20th Anniversary.

The event runs every year in the month of January only. This event has been made to look like the old Diablo 1 with pixelated graphics and directional movement has been reduced to eight directions.

Blizzard recommends players undertake this event with a new character although any existing character can be used.


Where is the Darkening of Tristram?[edit]

  • Players tackle a 16 level dungeon which can be accessed from the Adventure Mode menu and by entering The Old Ruins.
  • Once inside The Old Ruins, head south until you see a blue portal. Enter the portal and retro-vision mode kicks in.
  • To enter the first dungeon, head north the Cathedral and enter. The event will then begin.
  • Players must reach level 16 and take on Diablo to earn the Red Soulstone Reward.


The Darkening of Tristram is also referenced in the Diablo 1 Manual