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Natalya's Solace


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Natalya's Wrath is an item set that can only be fully-equipped by the Demon Hunter, though several of the other items in the set are popular with all classes. The full set consists of a hand crossbow, ring, helm, cloak, and boots, and thanks to the unusual and very powerful +7% Critical hit Chance granted by any two items in the set, characters from all classes can be seen wearing two of the items, most often the boots and ring.

This set is one of the very few where the legacy version has any lasting value, thanks to the partial set bonus to discipline regeneration rate, which no longer exists on the set post-v1.04. See the section below for full details.

Natalya's Solace

Partial Set Bonuses

  • ( 2 ) Set :
    • Critical Hit Chance Increased by 7.0%
  • ( 3 ) Set :
    • +130 Dexterity
  • ( 4 ) Set :
    • +20 Maximum Discipline

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Legendary Version

All legendaries, including set items, found before Patch 1.0.4 buffed them, are known as "legacy" items. These older legendary items have generally much lower stats than the current versions, and Legacy set items have different names than the current versions, to avoid confusion.

Natalya's Wrath

Legacy Set Bonuses

  • (2): Critical Hit Chance Increased by 7.0%
  • (3): +130 Dexterity
  • (4): Increases Discipline Regeneration by 2 per Second

[edit] Legacy Discipline Bonus

Natalya's Wrath is one of the very few legacy items in the game that retains special value post-v1.04. This is due to the four-item set bonus to Discipline regeneration, which is a huge boost unavailable from any other items. Demon Hunters using this legacy set, especially with other items boosting the total Discipline and the Night Stalker passive to help with Discipline recovery, can become virtually "immortal" via repeated use of the Smoke Screen skill.

The boost to Discipline regeneration from this set occurred in Patch 1.0.3 and was apparently an error, or at least an undocumented change. Blizzard briefly considered hotfixing the big bonus away, but ultimately decided to retain it, though it went away in Patch 1.0.4 when the four item partial set bonus was changed to +20 to maximum Discipline.

Bashiok first commented on the issue on 25 June, 2012.[1]

Yeah that was an unintentional change in 1.0.3, and we’ve been aware of it. We’re not quite sure what we’re going to do yet. We’re a bit apprehensive because we really don’t want to keep fiddling with people’s items, even though this makes the set quite good. On the other end, it was an unintended change and so correcting it isn’t quite the same as fiddling. In any case, it hasn’t been discussed fully and so we don’t know yet, and probably won’t know exactly what we’ll do until next week.

A few days later brought word that the item bonus would not be hotfixed away, much to the rejoicing of many Demon Hunter players.[2]

We’re not going to change/correct the set bonus of Natalya’s. It will remain as-is.

It’s one of a few cases recently that made us really sit and look at how we were approaching a game system, have some serious discussions about what they mean for the game, and where we want it to go. Sure it’s one set and set bonus, but allowing it to continue existing, and even now beginning some work to embrace the concept, probably wouldn’t have happened if the unintended change to Natalya’s hadn’t occurred, and maybe more importantly if you didn’t offer your feedback (constructively and in calm and reasonable tones, of course).

We are working on Legendary item changes for a future patch, as I’m sure you know, which could change the set in any variety of ways. I don’t know what those changes could be yet, but I do know there’s no desire to “fix” the set, even in the updated version. But regardless those changes will only affect items that drop after that patch. They aren’t retroactive. Any Natalya’s items that drop before that patch (ie the ones dropping now), and the set bonus, will remain unchanged regardless of future Legendary item updates.

Thanks to this, legacy pieces of Natalya's Wrath remain hugely valuable, far above and beyond the price of current items from the set with comparable stats.