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Jbabler,is a well known sculptor, and runs a website called Mantle Studios. He has also created various fan sculptures for the Diablo community.


[edit] Background

[edit] Works

Various fan artwork that Jbabler had created.

[edit] Fan Sculptures

This is a collection of fan art that Jbabler had made over time.

[edit] The Unburied
Unburied 1 - Gallery
Unburied 2 - Gallery
Unburied 3 - Gallery
Unburied 4 - Gallery
Unburied 5 - Gallery

[edit] Fallen Shaman
Fallen Shaman 1 - Gallery
Fallen Shaman 2- Gallery

[edit] Dune Thresher
Dune Thresher - Gallery

[edit] News and Info

Various News and Blog posts that were for all of Jbabler's Works

[edit] Unburied

[edit] Fallen Shaman

[edit] Dune Thresher

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[edit] References