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Immortal King's Call


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The Immortal King's Legend is an item set with six items, primarily of use to Barbarians. Only two items, the Mighty Weapon and the Mighty Belt, are Barbarian-only, but the item stats and partial set bonuses are largely of use to Barbarians, so this set is little used by other classes.

This set and the items in it are commonly referred to as "IK" items.

The Immortal King's Legend item set:


[edit] Partial Set Bonuses

Bonuses generated by equipping some number of items from this item set:

( 2 ) Set :

  • +60 Resistance to All Elements

( 3 ) Set :

  • Reduces damage from melee attacks by 4%.

(5) Set:

  • +5 Maximum Fury (Barbarian Only)
  • Increases Fury Generation by 2 (Barbarian Only)
  • Gain 5 Life per Fury Spent (Barbarian Only)

[edit] Gallery

The axe in this set has a kind of throbbing, outwards-moving ghostly animation.

[edit] Immortal King {Legacy)

Legendary items (including Item Sets) found prior to Patch 1.0.4's big item buff are called legacy items. These generally have much lower stats and bonuses than current versions of those same items. Legacy and current sets do not generate partial set bonuses when equipped together, and legacy set items have different names so players can keep them straight.

[edit] Legacy Set Bonuses

  • (2): +60 Resistance to All Elements
  • (3): Reduces damage from melee attacks by 2%
  • (5): +5 Maximum Fury / Gain 5 Life per Fury Spent